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February 18, 2018

Javier Longobardo

Javier Longobardo
My first animations were just minimalistic sci-fi short movies. That was ten years ago; I was also veejaying at some clubs. I remember myself saying: I´d like to make music videos. Two months later I got a commissioned by a Belgian music band, hurra! Since then, I´ve been making and directing animations, mostly music videos for international artists: from mainstream ones, such as Kanye West (USA) to cult and independent bands such as Múm (Iceland) or Los Planetas (Spain). At the same time, I´ve developed a career as visual artist and as art professor. I´m currently teaching Digital Animation at the American University in the Emirates, Dubai. I love visualizing ideas, designing lysergic landscapes and drawing the motion of nature. I like creating suitable landscapes for the mood of each song.