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  • Director:Polina Kutukina
  • Country:Russian Federation
  • Technique:Stop Motion
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year:2017
  • Length:06:59


My story is about the relationship between a young arrogant rector of the church, fresh from the divinity school, and an old woman who has devoted her entire life to the service of God and for whom the church became a real home. The film carries the idea that besides the spiritual world, each of us builds its own world for ourselves. We should not forget as well about the physical world that is around us. It is the symbiosis that presents the world in which “the ceiling does not fall on our heads”.

Posted by Francesca Ferri ago
This beautifully creafted stop motion short is all character based. The skillfull animation and beautiful designs will transport the viewer into its world and remind us the importance of acceptance and forgiveness.
Posted by Anna Ester Volozh ago
Beautiful sets, shot composition, lighting as well as lovely character design. It’s refreshing to see a light-hearted comedy from a Russian director, especially one so well-executed.
Posted by Lan Lamon ago
Solid, wonderful, charming story, although it's the turn in the story is really well done. Really strong and compelling character animation and expressions.  Sfx and Music well chosen and well placed. Loved this one.  
Posted by Ulysses Ibarrola ago
This is one of nice stop motion that really make you feel that something is being ignored, that you think is nothing actually special but you realize it has to be embrace a small things around us.
Posted by tamoshka ago
Loving the design and animation! The charm of this film for me was not so much in the story but in little details like the priest's unruly fringe and the mischievousness of the nun.
Posted by larryloc ago
Great stop motion craft lightly telling a subtle story with just the right touch of slapstick.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Director: AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival
Posted by shwang ago
'Welcome' is a beautiful stop motion film with great choices of sets, props, and character design. The story, production design, acting and quality music all came together to create an incredibly charming short film. This film constantly showed beautiful visual composition with great use of lighting as well as camera angle and editing with high quality sound. The sense of humor and the heart warming ending was all coming together as the story telling flowed seamlessly.
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