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Vicious Cycle

  • Director:Michael Marczewski
  • Country:United Kingdom
  • Technique:3D Computer
  • Genre:Comedy / Sci-Fi
  • Year:2017
  • Length:03:22

Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle features a group of little autonomous robots performing a range of repetitive functions, driven by mechanical devices. But as the mechanisms mercilessly start getting faster and faster, things take a turn for the worse for the helpless robots.

Posted by FarleyCZ ago
Am literally hypnotized by thisone. :)
Posted by Mariano Epelbaum ago
So professional, beautiful designs and an acid concept of human nature with an inevitable ending.
Posted by Seth Boyden ago
This was the film I enjoyed the most. It communicates the feeling of stress and futility with charming quirky animation. You empathize for those poor robots as their menial, seemingly harmless tasks become their unavoidable doom. Mesmerizing mechanics, great escalating music and a fantastic style all elevate this piece into a delightful and poignant film.
Posted by larryloc ago
The core idea is well presented. The devices controlling the actions of the robots were well designed. The choice of background colors make sense but still was offputting.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director: AniMazSpot International Short Animation Feedback Festival
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