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  • Director:Alex Avagimian
  • Country:USA
  • Technique:2D Computer / Traditional Animation
  • Genre:Thriller / Action
  • Year:2017
  • Length:02:24


Dead clerk rewinds back into the position where he first glances at the thief who killed him.

Posted by Yazinca ago
Original conception and thrilling storyline...one of my favourite this year...
Posted by larryloc ago
Amazing visual storytelling in reverse. “Memento” with first class animation. Nails the audience’s attention from the first frame. Great sound design. Short, tells the story without using one frame too many.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Director: AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival
Posted by Sara Koppel ago
"Steps" is a very intense and breathtaking thriller. Like an old movie poster coming to live with all it's magic of a crime scene.
Posted by Seth Boyden ago
This film captures loads of raw visual tension. I think putting all of the pieces of the story in reverse using themes mystery and suspense was very successful.
Posted by Emily Myers ago
I picked Steps for it’s unique storytelling tied together with audio. The piece simultaneously goes backwards for its protagonist, the store clerk, and forwards for its antagonist, the killer. Set against a sound stage of dramatic steps from its villain, the audience keeps an audible countdown in the clock like ticks of his steps approaching the store up until pulling the trigger. We know what happens from the beginning due to the pool of blood leaching back into the store clerk’s head, but we are still on edge to see what see the event that has already been revealed.
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