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Rew Day

  • Director:Svilen Dimitrov
  • Country:Bulgaria
  • Technique:2D Computer
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year:2012
  • Length:06:47

Rew Day

A day of a man’s life is seen as on a videotape which is being rewound. When he wakes up in the morning he has no idea what lays ahead.

Posted by Ulysses Ibarrola ago
Great Design and animation, this is to remind the value and quality of life, when people do a things to others, its has a totally change in a split seconds.
Posted by Javier Longobardo ago
Once you get to understand it all happened already, you still want to know how, and then, why: the suspense remains till the end. Rew Day gifts us also a lovely sequence of appealing cityscapes and animations.
Posted by Sara Koppel ago
"Rew day" is a brilliant animated emotional trip. The story unfolds while we slowly realize that this last day in a lovely person's life actually started as a spring adventure, and you feel the tears in your eyes.
Posted by Mariano Epelbaum ago
Beautiful images, nice storytelling, and very good animation. I think I would not use 3D vehicles.
Posted by Emily Myers ago
I picked Rew Day for it’s strengths in storytelling through it’s perfectly placed action sequences married with its ability to let scenes breath. These two are paired throughout the story perfectly and balance the entire piece. It also connects us to the universal experience we all have regarding worst-case scenarios and our fears. The gems that make this piece so special are the specific scenarios our protagonist experiences that worsen his day. Him crawling out of the elevator mid-floor and the magazine stand dropping on his head feel like they really happened in non-clichéd, specific moments for this character. The story told in reverse tightens the reveal of a good day gone bad. It keeps everything more interesting and the audience begging to see more.
Posted by larryloc ago
This is an amazing piece of animation and filmmaking.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director: AniMazSpot International Short Animation Feedback Festival
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