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  • Director:G. Amar / L. Doucerain / J. Heu / W. Marcere / T. Tieu / M. Vaast
  • Country:France
  • Technique:3D Computer
  • Genre:Musical
  • Year:2016
  • Length:04:30


The murmurings of the audience grow stronger behind the door. It’s almost time. His suit is looking sharp. His fingers are warmed up. He is ready for the fight. Only perfection is tolerated. However, there is more to him than meets the eye. Let the show begin!

Posted by Francesca Ferri ago
Extreme caricatures and character designs pushed to their limits in a poetic interpretation of the sport of boxing. Even thought you’re not a fan of the sport you will be able to appreciate its precise timing and metaphors.
Posted by Lan Lamon ago
Interesting story and concept. Ending was a nice surprise from the graphic nature of the fight... Strong lighting, and character animations and expressions were fantastic. Bonus points for the nice twist at the end.
Posted by Elena Melloncelli ago
Have you ever wondered what goes on in a pianist mind, while playing? Gabriel Amar gives his tragi-comic answer with Preston. A no-holds-barred fight between the rationality of technical execution and the irrationality of artistic trance, were the only real winner is music itself.
Posted by Ayman ago
Great , what a beautiful characters and lighting
Posted by Miki Nemcek ago
Excellent execution! Snappy and dynamic edit plus the simple and genial idea. I watched this piece without a single breath to the end and remain blown away after.
Posted by Seth Boyden ago
A dramatic and gruesome display of the power of music. The comparison of beauty and tortuous grit to personify the mind of a musician is extremely unique and made for a satisfying reveal. I enjoyed the way that weight and movement are handled in time with Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 as the film escalates into furious, inevitable carnage.
Posted by larryloc ago
First rate production and character design with depth, beauty and ugly all at the same time. Good character animation even when it was troubling and hard to watch. Good triple reveal ending. Just a little long in the pre-reveal.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director: AniMazSpot International Short Animation Feedback Festival
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