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Locked Up

  • Director:Gabriel Grapperon
  • Country:France
  • Technique:3D Computer
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year:2014
  • Length:01:38

Locked Up

In an oasis a fly stirs the lust of two toads.

Posted by Anna Ester Volozh ago
Excellent use of character animation for comedy and absolutely perfect timing too, what a treat.
Posted by FarleyCZ ago
Agreed with Anna. The timing is the winner here. Also amazing CGI animation. Awesome! :)
Posted by larryloc ago
Short, to the point. Great modeling, lighting, textures. Not a wasted frame or an unneeded frame. Good stuff.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director: AniMazSpot International Short Animation Feedback Festival
Posted by Mariano Epelbaum ago
simple idea beautiful done, short. no need anymore.
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