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The Greenhouse

  • Director:Ramon Alos Sanchez
  • Country:Spain
  • Technique:Stop Motion
  • Genre:Comedy / Horror
  • Year:2016
  • Length:08:10

The Greenhouse

Two children tear down some plants and flowers while playing in a greenhouse until an ominous presence draws them into a dark storage room where something macabre is about to happen.

Posted by Lan Lamon ago
Solid story - I may never be able to look at butterflies the same way again though! Really strong character animation – great expressions and nuances.  Strong lighting and vfx, and nice, tight sound track.  This film absolutely kept me to the end!
Posted by larryloc ago
Good story. The horror trope is a bit light and does not follow standard camera movement. I would have liked to see some shaky cam shots. The reveals are without surprise because the timing is too open. Needs some holds. Good production and puppet design. Nice work. Maybe I am so picky because of my years with the Lovecraft Festival and other horror festivals.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director : AniMazSpot Internaional Short Animation Feedback Festival
Posted by shwang ago
This short film is beautiful and scary at the same time, the visuals and the narrative flow perfectly supported that concept. It's hard to lose attention throughout the film. The design, lighting, and music is very high quality to support this stop motion horror film that would not easily be forgotten after you watch it.
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