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Dirty Laundry Day

  • Director:Jamil Lahham
  • Country:USA
  • Technique:2D Computer
  • Genre:Alternative / Independent
  • Year:2015
  • Length:05:41

Dirty Laundry Day

After a sequence of unfortunate mishaps, an ordinary trip to the laundromat turns abnormal, especially when Ken tries to exchange some bills for coins to wash his clothes and the change machine displays a cryptic message: “Change is not free.” Suddenly, things begin to change.

Posted by Yazinca ago
I love comics animation and a rough story in this short!
Posted by FarleyCZ ago
This one has the strongest message of this season I think. :) Also awesome animation. Really cool.
Posted by butcher ago
Great! thank you for posting :)
Posted by Melanie Beisswenger ago
The seemingly trivial task of laundry and someone’s bad day turns into much more. A visually interesting style and a clear message wrapped in an entertaining story.
Posted by larryloc ago
The core story is good but goes off topic a little. Camera angles and cuts are cinematic. Some of the character animation is over the top. Heavy handed ending.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director: AniMazSpot International Short Animation Feedback Festival
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