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  • Director:Laurent Witz
  • Country:Luxembourg
  • Technique:3D Computer
  • Genre:Fable / Society
  • Year:2017
  • Length:02:49


The film illustrates the unfair system our world is built upon. The story is set in a giant machine city. The film showcases how the city is designed to favor some, while others become workers in its forgotten engine. The hero of the film realizes this unfairness, acts upon this realization and empowers change.

Posted by Ulysses Ibarrola ago
This film is very great style of stop motion and has a unique concept, this is dealing for a breaking of a traditional way of status symbol, its has a clear dramatic story of repetition thats make a big difference in life.
Posted by Francesca Ferri ago
A short created for a social cause but don’t be fooled: it’s not your typical mindless advertisement. It actually depicts in an exquisite way a very important idea and thanks to its simple storytelling makes it universal.
Posted by Lan Lamon ago
Great story - simple, but tight. The message was clear and impactful but not over stated or pushy. Nicely animated characters - expressions were touching. Beautiful art direction and thoughtful choice of music. Bonus points for concept.
Posted by Elena Melloncelli ago
Cogs is an unfair wooden world that reminds of Metropolis. An impossible and not planned friendship between the “clean”, acceptable, side of it and its “dirty”, unshownable, face. A step that needs to be taken, literally, to break free from the rails.
Posted by FarleyCZ ago
Beautiful animation, awesome song, amazing sound desing, great message. Really strong entry! :)
Posted by Seth Boyden ago
I enjoyed the message in this film, mostly the idea that people can work together to free themselves from societal problems. The message of building a better world portrayed without any feeling of cynicism made this film stand out in a positive way for me. The wooden toy mechanical visuals were also charming and beautifully rendered.
Posted by shwang ago
Visually a very charming film from the beginning, the concept of telling a meaningful message was done in a simple yet powerful way. It's a heart warming story with great quality of music, production design, and visual composition, the purpose of reaching out to a broader audience with a message could be accomplished in a successfully.
Posted by Miki Nemcek ago
Very straight and clear idea understandable from the beginning. This short film carries a deep message. Balanced and beautiful colours help understand the story in two parallel lines. The whole film is great technical execution wise as well.
Posted by larryloc ago
Had problems with the song, overly sweet, tended to over shadow a fairly good film with something to say. The model work is stylized but fitted the subject well. The movement, once the boy broke loose from his platform is not realistic. If he had never walk beforehe he could not run after just two steps. Lots of little things getting in the way of an otherwise good animation.

Larry Loc
Animation Educator / Festival Director: AniMazSpot International Short Animation Feedback Festival
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