About Us

We have fun with animated film

We are a team of young people engaged in animation, photography and camera, design, music and sound, technique and creative work as such. All these sectors together are included for us in the animated film. 
Versatile we are interested in this great art form. Whether each of us individually devote to something else, one thing unites us all.

We love animated film and especially the short!!!

How do we see it

We believe that animated films are not designed primarily for entertain of the youngest spectators, as they are quite often perceived by the public, obviously because of the family feature films. But of course, we do not want disparage them. We like some of these films too.

Nevertheless we believe that the best stories are hidden just in the short animated films. 

The movie in the duration of five minutes, created for example from an individuals in the garage with the almost zero budget, is sometimes able to say more than a studio feature film.

Of course our web can not and will not compare to the classical festival, which has certainly its own charm. We believe that your movies should have their premiere screening in cinemas on large screens with the high-quality sound system first. 

We ourselves are big fans of classical festivals and we enjoy attending of these events.

On the other side, a lot of great films will take place during the individual festivals and then it is not possible to find them and they are forever forgotten. That grieves us. 
Many times any short film stuck so deep in our mind that we wanted to see it after the return from the festival again. We were successful by some of them after any time, but the others have stayed only in our memories.

And that´s the main reason why was this whole project and idea created.

What we want to achieve

  • to create a database of the best animated short film.
  • to create a community and a place where the authors of these films can meet, present their work, watch movies, rate them or comment the work of other artists.
  • to find new and creative talents and inform about them.

AninetFest is getting closer with its concept to the classical festival. Even when it can be never equal to them, it provides the opportunity to see these great films to a wider audience than the how big festival could.

Create on these great films. We look forward to them!!!