International Online Festival of Short Animated Films

20th February - 12th March 2017

The main competition category:

  • The best animated short film

1st place -  Ed - Taha Neyestani (Canada)

2nd place - Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings - Bin-Han To (Germany)

3rd place - An Object at Rest - Seth Boyden (USA, California)

Secondary competition categories:

  • Audience award for the best film

An Object at Rest - Seth Boyden (USA, California)

  • Special award of AninetFest

Fears - Nata Metlukh (Canada)

Jury comment:

#1 Ed

Martin Klekner

I loved this short film! The story of Ed coming alive really brought smile to my face and, I must confess, even one or two tears at the end. This topic of passion and realizing one’s character through doing things we love is one that is really close to my heart. Moreover, I am a great fan of figure drawing and I loved the clean, precise, yet warm visual style of this piece. The animation of the character was great, one could immediately grasp what Ed is feeling, even a slight change in the hunching of his shoulders spoke volumes and really pushed the narration. What’s more, the author really played around with compositions of his shots, something that immediately caught my attention when Ed entered the room through the character “d” in the film’s title. The sequence when he comes alive on paper as different adventurous characters is the highlight of the piece – that and the wonderful ending of him leaving the room in the form of a cowboy. I really have nothing negative to say about this short – great visuals, great animation, wonderful message and fun narration. Full score!

Julio Pot

An ode to drawing on paper, but done in digital.

Ana Maria Alvarado

The slow setup paid off in this short, with beautiful artwork and characterizations of Ed in various poses.

Navdeep Singh

The film has a great concept and excellent pacing. The film is in black and white yet the viewer can see all the colors inside the character.

Irene Iborra Rizo

I like this short because it doesn't need so much time to make me feel an emotion very clearly.The very fluid animation communicates really well the freedom that this character feels while posing for the human body drawing class, and shows how the same person could have so opposed attitudes.


#2 Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings

Erik van Drunen

Nice form of depicting the inpenetrable inner world of thoughts and desires with means of animation in a young naive animation style and slightly referring to social media abuse and bullying.

Julio Pot

An entertaining short film with a very particular art, but ad-ok to the story.

Navdeep Singh

The film has good character design and animations.

Irene Iborra Rizo

I think the topic of this film is original and very interesting.

#3 An Object at Rest

Irene Iborra Rizo

I think this shortfilm is the most achieved of the selection because the story is well built. Rock's changes are cleverly set while the story of humanity flows in background. This story is a funny way to explain life cycles and that through transformations the essence remains.The watercolours, the graphic style, and the 2d animation, joins the nice and innocent mood of the story. All the elements go in the same direction, this is why I think it's a pretty round shortfilm.

Erik van Drunen

Highly original idea, well told and animated it makes me forget the traditional style as it is so well executed.

Navdeep Singh

The film keeps the viewers engaged throughout and there is a good pacing of the film.

Julio Pot

A short film where you really feel like centuries pass in a few minutes.



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