International Online Festival of Short Animated Films

20th February - 12th March 2018

The main competition category:

  • The Best Animated Short Film

1st place -  Finito - Mauricio Bartok / Gabriel D'Orazio (Brazil)

2nd place - Cogs - Laurent Witz (Luxembourg)

3rd place - Steps - Alex Avagimian (USA, California)

Secondary competition categories:

  • Audience Award for The Best Film

What A Peaceful Day - Eden Chan (Taiwan)

  • Special Award of AninetFest

Vicious Cycle - Michael Marczewski (United Kingdom)

Jury comment:

#1 Finito

Melanie Beisswenger

Finito looks visually slick and mixes the cute robot design nicely with realistic shaders. The story touches on deeper issues of risk versus life goals, and how much we are willing to do to live our dream?

Mariano Epelbaum
Beautiful done, love the robots and a great idea too. Very professional short, the lighting, photography, animation, and textures too. One of the best for sure. I believe the team is not students. Routine vs romanticism, a deep idea of how to live your life even assuming responsibilities.

Miki Nemcek
Cute and super nice idea. 3D execution wasnt perfect all the time but generally both thumbs up.

Saera Hwang
The visual quality of this film was excellent as well as the story telling. The creative visual choices kept the emotional expressions on the characters in a very simple but effective way. The editing and use of camera angle was interesting and made the viewer feel engaged to the characters as well. This heartfelt film 'Finito' has warmth and emotion while not losing technical qualities throughout the film.

#2 Cogs

Seth Boyden

I enjoyed the message in this film, mostly the idea that people can work together to free themselves from societal problems. The message of building a better world portrayed without any feeling of cynicism made this film stand out in a positive way for me. The wooden toy mechanical visuals were also charming and beautifully rendered.

Miki Nemcek
Very straight and clear idea understandable from the beginning. This short film carries a deep message. Balanced and beautiful colours help understand the story in two parallel lines. The whole film is great technical execution wise as well.

Saera Hwang
Visually a very charming film from the beginning, the concept of telling a meaningful message was done in a simple yet powerful way. It's a heart warming story with great quality of music, production design, and visual composition, the purpose of reaching out to a broader audience with a message could be accomplished in a successfully.


#3 Steps

Emily D. Myers

 I picked Steps for it’s unique storytelling tied together with audio.  The piece simultaneously goes backwards for its protagonist, the store clerk, and forwards for its antagonist, the killer.  Set against a sound stage of dramatic steps from its villain, the audience keeps an audible countdown in the clock like ticks of his steps approaching the store up until pulling the trigger.  We know what happens from the beginning due to the pool of blood leaching back into the store clerk’s head, but we are still on edge to see what see the event that has already been revealed.

Sara Koppel

"Steps" is a very intense and breathtaking thriller. Like an old movie poster coming to live with all it's magic of a crime scene.

Seth Boyden
This film captures loads of raw visual tension. I think putting all of the pieces of the story in reverse using themes mystery and suspense was very successful.




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